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It is time to be brave. To reclaim what has been lost, discover what is hidden, and remember what has been forgotten. It is time to awaken your Golden Shadow.

Melanie Ryan


Melanie Ryan is an ancestral wisdom teacher and psychotherapist who teaches healing and transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul.


You are the Seed

Like a flower, you begin as a seed. When planted in the right soil, receive the right amount of sunshine, water and fertilizer, you will naturally grow to your full potential. The flower is your mirror, reflecting your inherent nature to grow and bloom. 


The Golden Shadow Method helps you discover your true nature, your hidden potential and abundant creative energy. Are you ready to make the changes needed in your life so that you can reach your full potential? Sometimes we need a little help in the garden of life and that is okay. The Golden Shadow Method Community is here to support you.

Melanie Ryan, LCSW

Melanie Ryan is the author and founder of The Golden Shadow Method, A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential. For over 30 years, Melanie had trained in holistic medicine and healing. She is a depth psychotherapist who specializes SHADOW WORK bringing all energies of the unconscious into consciousness - both dark and light. The GOLDEN SHADOW stores our hidden knowledge, wisdom, creativity, basic goodness, and intuition. WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO HEAL ourselves. The GSM provides the ancestral knowledge and wisdom to heal the terrain of the mind, body, heart, and soul.


Deep Transformation

In the GSM, the focus is on HEALING ALL PARTS of ourselves as we become aware of the ways we have been conditioned into destructive patterns that sabotage our health and wellness. We are distracted from who we truly are and the Vision that was given to us by the Creator. The GSM is a quest of the Self - a return to nature, to our heart and soul, and community. 


THIS METHOD is a journey inward, to reclaim the lost parts of your self.  It is a process of UNDOING the social conditioning of your childhood, RELEASE false beliefs and habitual patterns, and SEE BEYOND the veil of illusions that limit you. You will learn how you can heal your traumas, transmuting them into pearls of wisdom, love and compassion.





Melanie is a 1995 graduate of Fordham University School of Clinical Social Work and Clinical Research. She has worked with teens and adults, specializing in trauma and addiction recovery. She has extensive training in ancestral wisdom and spirituality. Her mission is to bring the soul back into psychotherapy. Let us remember, the origin of the word psychotherapy was founded in the Greek language: Psycho or “psyche” in Greek means soul or spirit; and therapy or “therapeia” in Greek means to care for. In Greek, psychotherapy means TO CARE FOR THE SOUL. Melanie is a soul doctor, having trained in Greece, learning the soul medicine of Asklepian Dream Healing to heal PTSD in combat war Veterans. 



Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist was also a doctor of the soul. His shadow concept which bridges psychology, spirituality and science is a cornerstone of Melanie’s work. She has trained extensively with The Center of Applied Jungian Studies of South Africa and the Jung Association of Western Mass.



In 1999, Melanie stepped into the WORLD OF THE SHAMAN after receiving a vision of a black jaguar. Over decades she learned the ancestral ways of healing using the medicine of the Earth and Spirit. Melanie has traveled to learn from shamans of various lineages. She has a particular influence from Mayan cosmology and astrology as well as the philosophies and primitive living skills of the Lakota, and Lipan Apache elders. 


Melanie experienced several “shamanic initiations” of illness and near death experiences. She also nearly lost her son to a health crisis. These initiations provided profound teachings that have given her knowledge and powers of healing that exist beyond the ordinary.



In 2004, Melanie began studying Tibetan Buddhism as a member of the Shambhala Center of NYC and Westchester Buddhist Center in Westchester County, NY. After 12 years of training, Melanie was formally AUTHORIZED TO TEACH in the lineage of Shambhala founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche a Tibetan master from the Kagyü and Nyingma lineages. Melanie was mentored by David Nichtern and Derek Kolleeny for 10 years.



Melanie suffered from chronic illness until learning the ancestral ways of healing. She studied various methods of holistic medicine, and in 2020, Melanie became a naturopathic student, learning what causes, prevents, and heals disease. There are ways for detoxing and healing the body using ancestral diets, food as medicine, supplements, epigenetics and quantum physics. The Golden Shadow Method helps you to undo the destructive patterns that harm your body while creating a new lifestyle to support health and healing.



From 2013 to 2020, Melanie owned an award winning holistic health center in the Hudson Valley of NY.  She is an expert in ancestral knowledge and healing, and has additional training in the areas of: Herbalism, Homeopathy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Addiction Recovery, Yoga & Reiki.



Melanie is author of the books: The Golden Shadow Method: A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential and Transmuting Triggers: The Golden Shadow Method Workbook & Journal. In 2023, she will be publishing her third book: Secrets of the Golden Shadow: Ancestral Wisdom for Healing & Transcending Trauma. Melanie is an international speaker and educator who works online 1:1 and in small groups.


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