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It is time to be brave. To reclaim what has been lost, discover what is hidden, and remember what has been forgotten. It is time to awaken your Golden Shadow.

Melanie Ryan




The Golden Shadow Method (GSM) is a path of awakening your full human potential. Using Jungian psychology, Buddhist philosophy, and indigenous wisdom you can heal and discover who you truly are.


Melanie Ryan is founder of the GSM, she is a writer, spiritual psychotherapist, and nature photographer. Melanie has designed a unique approach to shadow work that uses ancient wisdom traditions as a path of self-realization and liberation. Throughout history, all cultures and spiritual lineages have studied the unconscious as a source of wisdom, power, and self-discovery. Melanie provides a map for traveling the inner landscape of the unconscious where many secrets are hidden. She helps you learn how to peel away the layers of trauma and cultural conditioning that have blocked you from living your most authentic and creative life. Melanie teaches how there is mostly gold to discover in the Shadow. The answer is not to run away from ourselves, but to go within and discover the hidden treasures that have been buried.


The Shadow, as Carl Jung described it, is the entire unconscious.

It is anything you suppress, deny, bury and avoid,

which can be positive or negative.


The Shadow stores BOTH positive and negative energy, for lack of a better way to say it, even though there is no such thing as “positive or negative” from the quantum perspective. The Shadow is almost all GOLD. This is because our suffering provides meaning and purpose, it cultivates wisdom and compassion and awakens us to who we truly are. There is a tremendous amount of love and creativity buried within the Shadow. Doing shadow work brings us closer to who we truly are.

Melanie Ryan is a mentor and guide, empowering you to trust yourself and develop the fortitude to overcome life’s challenges

and reach your full potential.


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