It is time to be brave. To reclaim what has been lost, discover what is hidden, and remember what has been forgotten. It is time to awaken your Golden Shadow.

Melanie Ryan

Melanie Ryan is an ancestral wisdom teacher and psychotherapist who teaches healing and transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul.


Melanie Ryan is founder of The Golden Shadow Method which teaches individuals to heal and transform by restoring their connection to nature and the spiritual world. The Golden Shadow Method (GSM) addresses the deeply hidden psychological and mystical aspects of the unconscious. The first spiritual law of the Universe is to “KNOW THYSELF.” Melanie invites you to gently and lovingly explore yourself and the unconscious mind in the way our ancestors did. She will be your guide as you break free of distractions and emerge with new awareness. Are you ready for a journey of empowerment and liberation?

For over 30 years, Melanie had trained in holistic medicine and healing. She has additional certifications and initiations in the areas of: Jungian Psychology, Ancestral Healing, Buddhism, Asklepian Dream Healing, Energy Medicine, Naturopathy - Terrain Model, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Yoga & Reiki. Her method integrates worldwide ancestral ways of healing and transformation.



Going Deep

In the GSM, we heal all parts of ourselves as we become aware of the ways we have been distracted from who we truly are and the Vision that was given to us by the Creator. The GSM is a quest of the Self - a return to nature and what is in your heart and soul. This is how you will learn to heal yourself and remember the gifts and creativity you have been given at birth. 


Together we will work to undo all the distractions, change your lifestyle, and heal the traumas that have disconnected you from your gifts. Buried in the unconscious are developmental, ancestral, cultural, past life, and collective traumas that are at the root of unlocking your full human potential. Together, WE can grow, heal, transform. 

More About Melanie Ryan

In 2004, Melanie began studying Tibetan Buddhism as a member of the Shambhala Center of NYC and Westchester Buddhist Center in Westchester County, NY. After 12 years of training, Melanie was formally authorized to teach in the lineage of Shambhala founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche a Tibetan master from the Kagyü and Nyingma lineages. Melanie was mentored by David Nichtern and Derek Kolleeny for 10 years.

In 1999, Melanie stepped into the world of the Shaman after having a shamanic vision of a black jaguar. Over decades, she has worked with shamans from various lineages, with a particular influence from Mayan cosmology and astrology as well as Native American shamanism. For decades, Melanie experienced several “shamanic initiations” of illness and near death experiences. She also nearly lost her son to a health crisis. These initiations provided profound teachings that have given her powers of healing that exist beyond the ordinary.


Melanie is a soul doctor. Her passion for holistic health and anthropology led her to the sacred places around the world. Initiated by Spirit and sacred lands of Asklepios and Chiron, Melanie trained in Greece, learning Asklepian Dream Incubation Healing for PTSD in combat war Veterans. 


Let us remember, the origin of the word psychotherapy is actually founded in the Greek language: Psycho or “psyche” in Greek means soul or spirit; and therapy or “therapeia” in Greek means to care for. In Greek, psychotherapy means to care for the soul. 


Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist was also a doctor of the soul. His shadow concept which bridges psychology, spirituality and science is a cornerstone of Melanie’s work.


What does a flower have to do with the Golden Shadow Method of awakening your full potential?…

A flower is your mirror. 


Like a flower, you begin as a seed. When planted in the right soil, receive the right amount of sunshine, water and fertilizer, you naturally grow to your full potential. 


The flower reminds us of the possibilities. 


The Golden Shadow Method helps you discover your true nature, your hidden potential and abundant creative energy.


Are you ready to make the changes needed in your life so that you can reach your full potential? 


Sometimes we need a little help in the garden of life and that is okay. The Golden Shadow Method Community is here to support you.


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