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It is time to be brave. To reclaim what has been lost, discover what is hidden, and remember what has been forgotten. It is time to awaken your Golden Shadow.

Melanie Ryan





The Golden Shadow Method (GSM) is a process of discovering who you truly are and unleashing your full human potential.


Melanie Ryan is the author and founder of the GSM. She is spiritual psychotherapist who guides you on the path of self-liberation and the study of the unconscious. The GSM is a deep process of the psyche, which in Greek means spirit or soul. The soul is the core of your being, the essence of you that is filled with love, beauty and creativity.


The GSM is built on the spiritual principles of Jungian psychology, Eastern philosophy, and Indigenous wisdom. For millennia, our ancestors have worked with the unconscious as the source of wisdom. The practice of going within has been used across all cultures and spiritual lineages as a way of self-realization and creativity. The secrets of the unconscious hold great power. Doing the inner work is what changes the outer world. Learning how to let go of past limitations and create a life you love is what the GSM teaches. 


The answer is not to run away from ourselves, but to go within and discover the  hidden treasures that have been buried.


Trauma, suffering, and loss are impacting us collectively. This is a time of rapid change. Trauma carries within it a surprising awakening of consciousness and potential if we find the meaning and purpose of our experiences. The GSM teaches the alchemical process of transmuting your pain into power and your wounds into wisdom. 


Melanie Ryan walks beside you,  as your mentor and guide, empowering you to trust yourself and develop  the fortitude to overcome life’s challenges.


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