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Ancient Wisdom

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.” – The Kybalion.



Meditation is the practice of self study: to develop an intimate relationship with oneself. It is a powerful, ancient holistic healing practice of discipline, insight, and intuitive development. One of the Buddha’s first and primary teachings was The Four Noble Truths, helping us understand why we suffer and how we can liberate ourselves. His teachings are philosophical, looking at the truth of reality and laws of nature.




Archeological evidence tells us indigenous philosophy and methods of holistic health have been in existence for over 100,000 years. The ancient mindset of Mind, Body, Spirit is rapidly gaining popularity in the American mainstream culture. People are seeking ways to heal from a deeper understanding and are now taking it upon themselves to find the ways.


Shamanism is a path of healing (energy medicine) that originates from our indigenous ancestors worldwide. Its philosophical approach is holistic, including mind, body and spirit, as well as living in sacred relationship with nature. “Shamans” are medicine men and women who are conduits of energy, able to connect to Earth energies and the spirit realm to bring about healing and change for the highest good of humanity.





Melanie studies and practices ancient Greek dream healing as taught by Asklepios, the Greek God of Medicine, Healing, Psychotherapy and deep listening. Asklepian sanctuaries were all over Europe and individuals were known to heal on a mind, body and soul level. This dream healing is known as the origin of psychotherapy. Individuals would stay in dream chambers or “abatons” and receive archetypal visions and messages that would heal them. Dream interpretation and deep listening was provided by therapists who held a safe and supportive container for those in the abatons.  


Melanie guides annual retreats to Greece for those who suffer from PTSD as well as psychotherapists and medical professionals who wish to be trained in this ancient healing. Recommended book on this topic, “The Practice of Dream Healing”, by Edward Tick, PhD. 



This method uses a humanistic approach which believes in the inherent goodness of humans and that we are all born with an ambition to grow and learn. You will be a guided in the process of self-actualization - the realization that you are more than who you think you are. The Golden Shadow Method Courses are an online learning community where I share personal stories and take you on your own experiential journey of discovery. You will learn the same methods I used over the last twenty years to help you awaken your full potential.

During my own personal journey, I had to peel away the layers of conditioning and narratives I had internalized from childhood, my family lineage, and the culture I grew up in. As I walk this path, with an open heart and curiosity, it proves to me that I have far more potential than what my limiting thoughts and beliefs tell me. This is true for all of us.

The path is full of twists and turns, dark nights of the soul, and surprising magical awakenings. I pushed myself to go deeper, like an archeologist digging for treasures, with each layer excavating more of my true self, finding my life purpose and new levels of joy, peace and humility. I experienced times of heightened creativity, synchronicity, intuition, fear and fearlessness. My abilities to manifest strengthened in ways I never thought was possible. I became highly intuitive, receiving visions and messages of doing things I had never thought I would do. I founded an award winning holistic health center, one of the largest in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State. I became an international teacher, leading retreats to sacred places worldwide and developing itineraries based solely on my intuition. Today, I continue to walk into the hidden parts of the shadow, knowing that there is never a finish line and the surprises are endless.

My own healing journey helped me prepare to guide people of all walks of life, to share from my own experiences and create a powerful method of healing and transformation. The shadow concept is found cross culturally and in almost every spiritual lineage. It is universally believed that we all have great potential we are not tapping into; within each of us is an ocean of energy and power that is waiting to be discovered. I am looking forward to guiding you on this journey of inner discovery, your golden shadow is waiting for you.

Light Up the World,

Melanie Ryan