Ancient Wisdom

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.” – The Kybalion.

Melanie Ryan is an ancient wisdom weaver who brings the practices of the ancestors to modern day people for health and healing. Spiritual lineages worldwide intersect and interact with one another, creating a beautiful web of healing methods, all telling us the same thing: The key to wisdom and health comes when we “look within”. As a Shadow Work specialist, Melanie empowers individuals to develop the time and willingness to look inside themselves to discover the innate wisdom and power we possess. Melanie offers a unique weaving of holistic techniques that have been applied for thousands of years by Tibetan Buddhists, Indigenous Shamans, and the Ancient Greeks, in a way that is friendly and accessible to people of all walks of life.




Meditation is the practice of self study: to develop an intimate relationship with oneself. It is a powerful, ancient holistic healing practice of discipline, insight, and intuitive development. One of the Buddha’s first and primary teachings was The Four Noble Truths, helping us understand why we suffer and how we can liberate ourselves. His teachings are philosophical, looking at the truth of reality and laws of nature.



Archeological evidence tells us indigenous philosophy and methods of holistic health have been in existence for over 100,000 years. The ancient mindset of Mind, Body, Spirit is rapidly gaining popularity in the American mainstream culture. People are seeking ways to heal from a deeper understanding and are now taking it upon themselves to find the ways.


Shamanism is a path of healing (energy medicine) that originates from our indigenous ancestors worldwide. Its philosophical approach is holistic, including mind, body and spirit, as well as living in sacred relationship with nature. “Shamans” are medicine men and women who are conduits of energy, able to connect to Earth energies and the spirit realm to bring about healing and change for the highest good of humanity.


Lakota Trinity

By Father John Guiliani



Melanie studies and teaches ancient Asklepian dream healing practices, the origins of Western medicine and psychotherapy, and their applications to holistic healing today.