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The Golden Shadow Method

A Path of Awakening 

Your Full Human Potential

The Golden Shadow Method is a path of awakening your hidden potential and healing on a deep soul level.

The Golden Shadow Method book is divided into three parts and teach the three pillars of the method: 

1. Jung & the Shadow - theory and techniques for making the unconscious conscious as taught by renowned analyst Carl Jung who bridged psychology and spirituality. Learning about shadow projection, archetypes, and the individuation process. 
2. Buddha & the Shadow - Buddhist dharma (teachings) and meditation practices for working with your mind. Meditation is self study, an ancient way of doing the inner work. It cultivates mental strength, clarity and stability while making the unconscious conscious. 
3. Shaman & the Shadow - learn about the oldest healing practice known to our planet and how shamans healed and worked with Earth medicine, nature spirits, and inner visions to heal and become whole. 

  • Meet the shadow using more than 35 experiential exercises in Jungian psychology, meditation, and shamanic healing

  • Transmute destructive patterns into creativity using ancient wisdom 

  • Gain clarity of your life purpose

  • Restore lost intuitive power

  • Embrace your inherent goodness

  • Transmute your wounds into wisdom & compassion

  • Awaken your ability to heal yourself naturally


Transmuting Triggers

Workbook & Journal 

Reflections & Creative Exploration

The Transmuting Triggers Practice was developed by Melanie Ryan, LCSW and teaches how to work with your triggers as sparks of awakening, healing and transformation. The intense emotions and reactions we have toward others and the world around us, are energetic activations of the unconscious coming into consciousness. Instead of perceiving triggers as something negative to avoid, we open up to the opportunities of self-realization, integration and wholeness. Our triggers are messengers of the soul and we can learn how to be good listeners. We can transmute our triggers and discover the GOLD hidden within them.


This workbook provides:

* An introduction to the Transmuting Triggers Practice.

* Lists the four types of shadow projection that are the root cause of triggers.

* A journal for your insights and reflections.

* A place for you to do trigger work and write down triggers and track your integration progress. 

* A space for creative exploration, drawing, doodling, coloring, and poetry.


Order signed copy directly from Melanie Ryan

Email Book Request to:

to pay via:

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33


The Golden Shadow

Meditation Journal

the ancient practice of growing mental strength & consciousness

Melanie Ryan, LCSW is author and founder of The Golden Shadow Method, A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential. She is a psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher who helps others discover their hidden potential through ancient wisdom and psychology. Specializing in shadow work, Melanie Ryan teaches meditation as a way to cut through self-deceptions and see the totality of who you are. In The Golden Shadow Method, meditation is used as a way to awaken consciousness and overcome obstacles of negative thought patterns, false beliefs and misperceptions. Meditation practice helps to develop self-awareness, clarity, mental strength and stability. Meditation is a practice that helps us become a spiritual warrior; a person who is brave, vulnerable, gentle and tender-hearted.

This journal includes:
* Meditation instruction
* Buddhist quotes
* Journal space for self-study observations and identifying habitual patterns
* Space for creativity, doodling, reflections, insights and realizations

Order signed copy directly from Melanie Ryan

Email Book Request to:

to pay via:

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33



Never has there been a more relevant or necessary time to explore our shadow side. Carl Jung said, ‘90 percent of the shadow is pure gold’ and, through The Golden Shadow Method, Melanie Ryan shows us not only how to find that gold but also how to reclaim the power that it contains.


Best-selling Hay House Author of

Dreaming Through Darkness

and Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Mind Valley Teacher

Gold and precious metals are mined from ores – heavy rocks carrying yet hiding the treasures. In similar manner, as Melanie Ryan teaches in this book, our inner gold – our talents, gifts, creativity and many positive and beautiful traits – are also hidden and buried in the dark ores of our psyches. The Golden Shadow Method is a well- written, loving, accessible, caring, sensitive and wise guide to owning, exploring and integrating our shadow dimensions, positive and negative. Melanie guides us in using the ancient and time-honored practices of Buddhism, shamanism and Jungian psychology to excavate that which is best and most fulfilling in us and shares her journey of discovery – to spirit, self and inner gold.



Psychotherapist, International Guide,

Board Member of the Jung Association of Western Massachusetts,

Author of The Practice of Dream Healing, War and the Soul, Warrior’s Return

The idea of a golden essence, hidden in plain sight, but often unseen or unacknowledged, is common to many authentic spiritual traditions. In the Buddhist tradition, this golden essence is referred to as Buddha nature — a fundamentally uncorrupted core of sanity, decency and brilliance which all human beings can uncover and manifest. Even though Buddha nature is considered a natural and organic part of our being, sometimes we find it lurking in the shadows. Melanie Ryan has crafted her own unique hybrid of several powerful traditions, a revelation of methods that enable us to uncover our Buddha nature — our hidden gold.



International Senior Buddhist Teacher,

Emmy award winning composer and musician

Author of Awakening From the Day Dream

and Creativity, Spirituality and Making a Buck

The Shadow is nature. Duality is found everywhere in the Universe, as we see the expansion and contraction among galaxies, just like yin and yang. The shadow represents that empty space and dark matter where all light power exists, it is an energetic force of dark and light. Using ancient wisdom, modern psychology and inner intuition, Melanie Ryan shines the light on the golden shadow — our inherent gifts, power, passions and potential just waiting to be activated.



Internationally recognized Maya Ajq’ij,

Ceremonial Leader and Spiritual Guide,

Mayan Day Keeper, and Shamanic Plant Medicine Teacher

An old Hermetic axiom asserts that the seed of alchemical gold is found within the dragon’s poison. To transmute the Shadow from darkness into gold is an alchemical journey indeed. When the Shadow is fully accepted as a part of the self, it can become one of our greatest and most inspiring inner teachers. Melanie Ryan draws upon the insights of Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, and shamanism to weave a rich tapestry of exercises and techniques that allow us to make the inner journey to the Shadow safe, deeply felt, and profoundly life affirming.



Jaguar Wisdom: An Introduction to the Mayan Calendar, 

Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos,

Mayan Day Keeper

Melanie Ryan is an alchemist, weaving the best threads of Buddhism, shamanism and Jungian psychology into a practical guide for personal transformation. This book is full of tools anyone can use, as long as they are willing to have the courage to embrace looking into their own shadow, and working through it to mine the gold that can be found there.



Author of Psychic Reiki,

The Wizard’s Guide to Energy Healing,

and Energy Healing for Everyone

At a time when it is most needed, Melanie has crafted an easy-to-follow pathway to self-actualization and personal power based on her expertise in several important and ancient methods of healing. With so much emphasis placed upon our negative traits in shadow work, The Golden Shadow Method is a holistic and balanced approach to inner truth enabling those willing to do the work, the ability to mine incredible inner riches, a source for true transformation and healing.



Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing Practitioner and Teacher,

Master Herbalist

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