Why A Daisy?

Flower symbolism might seem irrelevant to some people but when you think about it, flower symbols are all around us. Flower symbols can be found in heraldry in art and literature and even in everyday logos.


The reason why people used flower symbolism is because of the rich history behind flowers and certain flower families. In times when people lived close to nature more, flowers carried an important symbolical meaning in almost all parts of the world.


The Daisy flower has several meanings including:


  • innocence

Daisy flowers are usually linked to children or newborns.


  • new beginning

The daisy flower is a symbol of a new beginning and it is a perfect for someone who is on the verge of a breakthrough in life.


  • purity

Daisy flowers represent purity. They are linked to children and newborns because daisy flower petals are gentle and soft.


  • true love

These gentle flowers represent true love and soulmates.


  • harmony

Daisy flowers are also representations of harmony and balance.


The message behind the daisy flower is the message of purity and hope. This gorgeous and gentle flower is a perfect gift for someone who needs a little bit of support and a ray of sunshine in their life.


At the end of the day, gazing at a happy field of daisies is enough to full your heart and soul. These bright, cheerful flowers are a vibrant sign of life, love and simple joy.