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Golden Shadow Online

Community Gatherings

with Melanie Ryan

Thursday, December 21st, 7pm ET - Online Winter Solstice Healing Ceremony, cancelled

Tuesday, March 19th, 7pm ET - Online Spring Equinox Gathering Ceremony, $33

Live on Zoom

Payment options:

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33

PayPal/Credit Card: Use button below


Email Melanie directly


If you cannot pay full fee please email me for lower fee arrangements

Hello Friends, 


It is so important that we meet together to create deep, meaningful connections. I offer these online gatherings to create spiritual community and help us reach our full potential. Using the Golden Shadow Method, I take you on a journey into the unconscious - the Shadow, for healing and transformation. Together we let go of what is holding us back and ascend to higher states of consciousness and inner peace. You will discover profound and beautiful aspects of yourself that society needs. The journey of healing is about reclaiming your power and becoming fully authentic. We have played small long enough. Now is the time to shine! Only light can cast out the darkness and hidden within you are the keys. 


These gatherings are highly experiential. Every ceremony is unique to the season we are in and energy of the day. I teach ancient wisdom and traditional healing, and how to work with nature’s elements, universal symbols, myths and archetypes, spiritual guides, and ancestors. We will practice guided meditations and shamanic journeys. Sometimes I will share Mayan Astrology, teach Transfiguration, and shamanic dismemberment. 


All are welcome. Bring your brave heart. 

It is always best to bring a candle, paper and pen, any sacred items that speak to you, and a cup of chamomile tea. 


* If you are having financial difficulty, please email me to arrange for a discounted rate or no charge. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out -

Giving Back to our Sacred Warriors…

As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, granddaughter of a WWII veteran, and wife of a US Marine veteran, I understand the suffering and isolation of our warriors. I invite military veterans to join my monthly healing circles at no charge. I offer this as a gift of love, gratitude and remembrance for those we have lost and those who continue to serve.


Contact Me

If you would like to contact me for questions regarding events, mentorship, a private session, or speaking engagement, please contact me by emailing


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