Private Healing Immersions 

Melanie Ryan is a licensed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher who believes in the healing power of ancient wisdom and nature. Immersed in the trees and the sound of bird songs, Melanie offers a sacred and transformative experience for individuals who want to heal deeply with no distractions. 


What happens in a healing immersion?


  • You rent a two bedroom nature-based cabin/home of your choice in the Hudson Valley Region. 

  • You hire Melanie for a 2 - 5 day retreat that is designed specifically for your needs. 

Melanie Ryan is a certified 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher, mindfulness meditation teacher, shamanic teacher, reiki teacher, and licensed psychotherapist trained in holistic health, mythology and worldwide ancient therapies.

Customize Your Healing Immersion Retreat


Your healing retreat may include:


  • gentle yoga

  • mindfulness meditation 

  • nature walks

  • Shamanic healing

  • reiki energy healing

  • shadow work

  • journal writing

  • mandala coloring

  • nature art & crafts

  • dream collage

  • ancient dream incubation

  • dream work/analysis

  • psychotherapy

  • spiritual counseling

  • quiet down time

  • personal/private fire ceremony

  • photography/photoshoot


Services that can be arranged for you: 

  • massage therapy (additional cost)

  • organic delicious food (prices may vary)

  • any other service you want (additional cost)


Prices for Single Person:

  • Weekend healing immersion: $1600

   Friday 6pm to Sunday 12noon


  • 5 day healing immersion: $3200

   Monday 12noon - Friday 12noon


Prices for Two People:

  • Weekend Healing Immersion: $2200

   Friday 6pm to Sunday 12noon


  • 5 day Healing Immersion: $4400

   Monday 12noon - Friday 12noon

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Asklepian Dream Incubations

Me and one of my most favorite archetypes - Asklepios, the Greek God of Medicine and Healing, also known to practice “deep listening” which in our day would be called psychotherapy. 

Asklepios founded hundreds of holistic health centers throughout Europe, called Asklepian sanctuaries, and one of the largest and most famous is Epidavros located in the Peloponnese of Greece. Here I am at Epidavros in April of 2019 with my man. Little did I know, I would go back in November of 2019 to train in the ancient medicine called, Asklepian Dream Healing. 

Medicine in ancient times was a holistic approach incorporating the whole human - mind, body and soul. People from all over the world would travel to the Asklepians for deep healing. In the sanctuary, first one would bathe, then fast, then spend time in an “Abaton” which means dream chamber. 

One would spend as long as needed in the dream chamber and were assigned a therapist to sit with them and help them interpret their dreams as well as nurture and care for them, bringing food and tea and emotional support. While in the dream chamber, one would call in a divine energy of their choice to come and give them wisdom, guidance and healings. 

Deep rooted mental and physical illnesses and traumas were healed in this way and still are today. This Asklepian dream healing has been used in our country to heal the PTSD of war veterans for over 25 years now. I am blessed and one of the few trained in this profound healing medicine of ancient times. 

If interested in this ancient healing of dream incubations, I am now offering private and small group dream incubations in the New York area.

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