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An Introduction to Mayan Astrology 

with Kenneth Johnson

Recorded Version Only

(20 hour course)



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Learn the lore of the Mayan day-signs and comprehensive introduction to the Mayan Cross system of astrology in this special intensive course with renowned author and teacher Kenneth Johnson. Gain insight into your life purpose and spiritual path, as well as a deeper knowledge of friends and family. 


In this 20 hour course, you will learn:


  • The meanings of the 20 day-signs and 13 numbers

  • How to create a complete 9-sign Mayan Cross horoscope

  • The influence of the Year Lord

  • Compatibility signs and more

  • Includes discount on private session with Kenneth Johnson

  • All sessions will be recorded

Kenneth Johnson, who holds university degrees in Comparative Religions and Eastern Studies and is the author of numerous books, including Jaguar Wisdom: An Introduction to the Mayan Calendar, and Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos. Ken was initiated as a Maya day keeper (aj q’ij) in the deeply traditionalist town of Momostenango, Guatemala.

Melanie Ryan, LCSW has been studying Mayan astrology since 2015 and became a student of Kenneth Johnson in 2018. She is author and founder of The Golden Shadow Method: A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential, and Transmuting Triggers. Melanie bridges spirituality and psychology, the ancient world and the modern world, to cultivate peace and healing. She is a psychotherapist, Buddhist and shamanic teacher, inspired by Jungian psychology and naturopathy. 


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