Melanie Ryan, LCSWR

Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Ancient Wisdom Teacher


Melanie Ryan is a transpersonal psychotherapist, Buddhist and shamanic teacher. After decades of study in various psychologies, mythology and indigenous philosophy, Melanie brings a unique and empowering approach to personal growth.

Melanie’s work is inspired by transpersonal psychology, a branch of psychology that studies human growth and development from a perspective that delves into the mind-body relationship, consciousness and spirituality. Transpersonal psychology began in the early 1900s with William James’ humanistic approach, shadow work of Dr. Carl Jung, MD, and the self actualization theory of Abraham Maslow. Always fascinated by the deeper realms of the unconscious and the untapped potential of human beings, Melanie’s work focuses on clearing old traumas both from the psyche and the body. With a research background, she brings knowledge from experience and insight into practice from around the world. Her view holds unique ways to explore a paradigm of psychology that liberates you from the limited ideas of who you truly are.

* As a meditation teacher, Melanie is authorized to teach Buddhism in the Shambhala tradition founded by the renowned Tibetan Master, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. This tradition combines a contemporary, secular approach to meditation with the ancient practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Melanie’s traditional educational background includes: Fordham University School of Social Work and Research (1995), University of Hartford BA in Psychology (1992), Maxwell Institute, Certified Addictions Specialist (1996). 


Melanie Ryan’s extensive training in Ancient Wisdom includes: Training with Dr. Ed Tick, Ph.D  in Ancient Greek Dream Healing in Greece, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist with Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, Level One Herbalism with Karine Gordineer, Reiki Master Teacher with multiple reiki teachers, Shamanic Teacher with 14 years of training in Shamanism with multiple teachers including indigenous Native American, Mayan and Peruvian Elders. She is mentored by Kenneth Johnson (aka Jaguar Wisdom) in Mayan Cosmology, David Nichtern in Buddhist philosophy, and Edward Tick in Greek Mythology and Dream work. Melanie is also a 200 hr certified yoga teacher with Cyndi Lee and has studied Buddhism for 15 years. She is authorized to teach Buddhist meditation by the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Shambhala, founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Melanie Ryan is owner and founder of Ancient Wisdom Today, Inc., an educational organization that provides experiential learning and travel in the study of ancient wisdom. Melanie has studied with indigenous shamans and ancient wisdom holders of worldwide philosophies and mythologies.

Melanie also created The Center for Health and Healing (founded in 2013), which was the largest and most progressive holistic health and learning center in the Hudson Valley Region. Voted Best of Hudson Valley in Holistic Medicine and Best of Westchester in Mind/Body Programs.