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  • Melanie Ryan, LCSW

2022 The Year of Duality

The year 2022 shows us the number two which is about the duality of opposites: me/you, left/right, dark/light, right/wrong, as above so below and so on…

This year we can expect to see duality reflected in our world with more division and polarization. There is a lot we will learn from this process if we are open to it.

The Mayans say the Universe is made of duality. This is nature. But instead of resisting duality, they accept it. Because there is a deep appreciation for nature and the lessons that we are here to learn. There is a reason for a sunrise and a sunset. There is a reason for dark and light. Everything works together, such as the stars can only shine bright because of the darkness behind it. The dark supports the light.

In Mayan cosmology, everything is working together - everything in the Universe has meaning and purpose. They have a story about this. It is the story of the Hero Twins who must descend into the Underworld, the place where all obstacles of man are played out. The goal of the Hero Twins is to overcome all the obstacles so they can defeat the lords of the Underworld and rise to the Upper World and be rewarded with powers of light and magic.

The Mayans say that the key to not get stuck in the Underworld is awareness. Awareness allows us to remember that we must keep going. We must not fall into victim roles, manipulation, illusion, fear or doubt. These are the tests we must pass. In Shamanism, we call this a spiritual Initiation.

We could say that we are now descending into the belly of the Mayan Underworld. In 2022, we will continue to be tested. Fear and doubt is sold front and center of the narrative that crosses the headlines. It has been a very challenging time in history. This time has been prophesized throughout many spiritual traditions as the great initiation, or great awakening. Are we awakened by pain and suffering as Carl Jung said?

Meditation, silence and stillness are key to maintaining a calm state. Many decisions will need to be made and we do not want fear to be the motivation.

We are learning to live from our heart and soul. As this year progresses, more will be revealed to you. Patience is important. Signs and synchronicities will help you to know what and when to do things. The ease in which you navigate the chaos of this time will greatly depend on your connection to nature, spirituality and faith.

This year I will be publishing my next book, The Secrets of the Golden Shadow, by the Summer Solstice (fingers crossed!). It is a book to help us go deeper into the collective unconscious shadow and navigate the challenges facing us at this time. It will include many ancient wisdom teachings of alchemy, mysticism, shamanism, Buddhism and worldwide philosophies that have been kept secret for thousands of years. It will include exercises for you to do independently at home or you can join our online shadow work community where I will be sharing these teachings live in workshops.


2022 Warriors of Light Year 2 Online Immersion

Begins January 30th 2022

(open to anyone who has completed all 3 pillars of GSM year one program).

2022 Golden Shadow Method (GSM) Online Immersion

Wishing you unlimited creativity, love, and healing.

Melanie Ryan ©

January 12, 2022


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