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  • Melanie Ryan, LCSW

Spiritual Awakening

You may have heard the term Spiritual Awakening, but what does it mean and how would you know you are having one?

The notion of a Spiritual Awakening has been around for centuries and seen cross-culturally around the world. It has been called nirvana, enlightenment, or bliss, which begins when a person becomes more conscious and aware or “awake” to the experience of life.

The idea of spiritual awakening was popularized by the famous analyst, Dr. Carl Jung, MD who described the process as The Path of Individuation, the return of the True Self where we experience a deep remembering of who we truly are under the cultural conditions and programming. We experience a rising to a higher state of consciousness that brings about more love, compassion, intuition and creativity. When someone awakens, there is a reevaluation of beliefs, values and perceptions. There is a heightened awareness and intuition. We no longer see things the same and there is what the Buddhists call Prajna or “clear seeing.” You are no longer manipulated by others, you can set healthy boundaries and your relationship with yourself and others begin to shift. You no longer need the approval of others to be authentic and you have a deep sense of gratitude for life.

Spiritual Awakenings are wonderful and full of magic, synchronicities and clarity. But it can also be a very emotionally uncomfortable time as everything you thought to be true is now not. There is a breaking down of the old self and the new self emerges. Spiritual Awakenings can often come with illness, injury or near death experiences as these are pathways of surrender, wisdom and compassion. At this time your teachers will appear.

The gift of Spiritual Awakening is a return to Spirit. Not just the Spirit of God, but the Spirit within you; your heart and soul and life purpose. It is a return to beauty, harmony, love and truth. Spirituality, your connection to the natural world becomes a priority. There is compassion for everyone’s unique journey and you become a beacon of light to others.

With Love & Gratitude,

Melanie Ryan


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