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  • Melanie Ryan, LCSW

Unlearn & Relearn

Growing up, I did not know anything about the body’s ability to heal itself, body intelligence, or how the Mayan people say, “the body is the book of wisdom.” I had to unlearn and relearn so many things. For example, I had no idea that fevers are actually good for you. Growing up I was taught to be afraid of a fever, take tylenol and watch the fever like a hawk. Then in my training with shamans, I learned that a fever is like an internal fire that burns away the toxins and poisons I had accumulated over time. This made so much sense. I let go of my fear and learned to trust my body’s innate intelligence - a built in ability to heal and restore itself into balance. Over many years I learned not to interfere with my body’s natural wisdom, and the more I did not interfere, the stronger I became. I overcame fevers naturally, and much to my surprise, I also overcame my chronic diseases naturally. This law of noninterference comes from native ethics and rules of behavior. A tradition and belief in the inherent goodness and wisdom of nature around us and within us.

We we are not separate from nature, in fact, we are nature. Our bodies are made up of the 4 elements: Earth, water, air and fire. When we trust in this powerful inherent wisdom of nature, we are healthy, joyful and in harmony with the natural world. For the Earth, Melanie


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