Philosophical Approach

Melanie’s work is based on the weaving of her training in modern clinical and behavioral psychology as well as ancient wisdom and philosophy. With a mind-set that one’s path of healing is a personal responsibility and an ability to be empowered, Melanie works with individuals privately and in groups. Having studied the ancient healings of indigenous people, we discover that the age old methodologies still stand true today for us to use to heal ourselves, our families, and communities.  Ancient wisdom is gaining in popularity among the west due to the powerful healing that has come from it. Available to anyone who chooses to open to it, ancient wisdom practices can be applied for all ages, cultures, religions, and races.

Mind, Body & Soul Psychotherapy Session

60-90 minutes

This session focuses primarily on your mental and emotional health and cognitive functioning. We may bring in some integrative techniques of meditation, CBT, DBT and soul-based shamanic reiki energy healing while seated on the couch or short periods of time on the table.

All ancient wisdom lineages and modern psychology teach the practice of “looking inside.” Dr. Carl Jung, MD called it “Shadow Work”, Socrates called it “Know Thyself” and our ancestors practiced self awareness as the key to good health and happiness. In modern times, we have become over scheduled and distracted…and sick. We have neglected ourselves and forgotten the wisdom of our ancestors. In Shadow Work sessions, Melanie Ryan teaches you the ancient wisdom practices of Shadow Work from several lineages including: Shamanic healing, Buddhist meditation, ancient Greek dream healing and modern psychology. You will focus on learning how to retrieve lost or hidden parts of you, integrate what needs healing as well as bring to light your natural gifts, life purpose and your soul’s true desires.

Shadow Work

Buddhist Meditation Instruction

60 minutes

Private meditation instruction includes time on the cushion meditating together, or off the cushion doing walking meditations or aimless wandering. It also includes dharma discussion and typically is done with study of books that are of interest to you.

90 minutes

This session is focused on the indigenous healing ways. We are doing deep emotional, soul-focused work on the table. We may be releasing trauma, obstacles, or blocked energy, working in the deep parts of the psyche. Beginning and ending with some discussion, most of the work is done in a relaxed or altered state on the table. Hands on healing energy work, meditations and journeying can be done (guided or solo). Every session is unique and can involve past lives, working with spiritual guides, spirit animals, and ancestors. In this session, there may be the use of drums or rattles, stones, flowers, and other sacred earth tools for healing.

Shamanic Reiki Master Session

Individual and/or group apprenticeship in the ancient ways of indigenous people worldwide. Here we study and practice the ways of healing that was taught by indigenous people globally: The Maya, Tibetan Shamans, Siberian, Native American, Celtic, Greek, Egyptian and more.

Shamanic Apprenticeship

90 minutes to 120 minutes

Past life regression sessions are focused on traveling in the spirit realm to past lives to uncover seeds of trauma that are manifesting in symptoms in this life. Because our soul knows no time line, it does not exist in linear time, we can often have “leaks” from other lives into this one. Unresolved past trauma from another life can be triggered from within the psyche and begin to manifest symptoms at any time. When the origin of the trauma is discovered and healed, symptoms dissolve. Melanie trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, MD and can do regressions using progressive relaxation or this can also be done through shamanic healing and shamanic journeying techniques.

Past-Life Regression Session

Online Sessions

No matter where on this beautiful Earth you may be, we can work together and connect through online sessions via skype, facetime, facebook video or whatsapp. Melanie works with people all over the world and finds online sessions are just as powerful as in person. It is wonderful to connect no matter where you are!

Trainings & Classes

Melanie offers many classes, healing circles, workshops and professional trainings in the areas of Shamanism, Shamanic Reiki, and Buddhist Meditation. She teaches Shamanic Reiki trainings and Yearlong Life Empowerment Apprenticeship and Master Teacher Trainings as well as and 100hr Buddhist Meditation Teacher Trainings at The Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco NY.


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Manifest Your Vision

60 – 90 minutes

Manifest your vision sessions are focused on individuals needing mentoring and business coaching for transitioning into the healing or holistic profession. As your soul awakens, you many be called to make major life changes. This can be a scary and exciting time!  Having the right support is key to keeping your stress and confusion down. Life and business transitions have stages, each stage has its own energy and needs. Melanie can guide you through all the stages from: Gaining a clear vision, to creative planning and business development, and how to fully manifest your vision. Melanie has been in private practice for 15 years and owner of the center for 7 years. She draws upon her experience as owner/founder of The Center for Health and Healing and her own successful life transition from psychotherapist to shamanic healer and business owner. She is a creative marketing director, program director, entrepreneur, and visionary.

Sacred Adventures

Melanie Ryan provides annual Sacred Adventures to sacred places around the world.  Here we gather as a group of pilgrims journeying together to discover the lost ancient wisdom of our ancestors. These are journeys of Transformation and Healing for professionals and anyone hearing the call of the ancestors. See Sacred Adventures for more information.