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Spring Equinox Ceremony 

On Zoom with Melanie Ryan

Monday, March 21st 7pm EST

Registration: $33

OR pay what you can

(Contact Melanie for arrangements)

Payment options:

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33


PayPal/Credit Card: Use button below

Join Melanie Ryan for a special Spring Equinox event where we will connect with the Mayan energy of the day - 1 NOJ - One Mind or One Knowing.

Spring is the time of planting seeds for new growth, new perspectives, new visions, and new ways of being. On our path to higher consciousness, we seek to learn how we can continue to grow and blossom into more of our true nature. 


Many spiritual paths teach us that the mind is the most powerful part of our body. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tell us that the Universe is Mental and therefore what we think and believe has a powerful influence over us and our lives. 


For this special Spring Equinox event, we will journey with the energy of 1 NOJ - One Mind - the cosmic mind. You will be guided to connect your human mind with the one Universal cosmic mind. 


The Light of Consciousness.


Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious in quantum physics is called the intelligent field or the quantum field. NOJ energy symbolizes this collective mind or field of knowing. You may ask for a healing, a vision, messages and a deeper understanding of who you are and what will help you at this time in your life. 


No experience necessary.


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