Social Worker, New York

My outdoor shamanic session with Melanie - which took place at a beautiful park on the Hudson River - felt harmonious, synchronous and healing. Our session started with Melanie guiding me through a water ceremony on the banks of the river, which was followed by other mindfulness activities that helped me to connect with the land and water. It is evident to me that Melanie has attuned her life to the spirits of nature and she has chosen sacred outdoor spaces that carry higher vibrations to conduct her shamanic work, which creates a powerful healing environment. When I "stepped into" the session I felt supported by both Melanie and the beneficial spirits of nature. There also seemed to be messages of wisdom and support everywhere I turned (including from the flock of geese!). I also appreciate how Melanie empowered me as a client to discover answers I need and to heal myself. This was a beautiful healing experience for me.

Social Worker, New York

I recommend Melanie and her “Outdoor Nature Healing Sessions”. I’ve been doing holistic psychotherapy with Melanie twice a month for 8 months. I needed a change in my course of therapy, as I had done traditional talk therapy for many years prior. My first session was at The Center for Health and Healing and I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Very quickly, I felt that the holistic approach, including soul healing was really what I needed to heal some very old trauma. Because of Melanie’s teachings, guidance, and use of ancient wisdom healings, I am in the process of deep transformation. In working with my soul, I feel I have made more progress during this short time with Melanie than in years of traditional talk therapy. She always incorporates and encourages me to get out into nature. I am excited that Melanie is now offering healing sessions in nature. I have had two outdoor nature healing sessions thus far and both were powerful. I feel so much when I am outside in nature and grateful that Melanie has taken the traditional office setting outside. Mother Nature really does heal. 

Licensed Massage & Craniosacral Therapist, New York

During the Covid 19 pandemic I have participated in many tele-gatherings with Melanie. I was truly surprised at how seamlessly Melanie’s shamanic and meditation guidance transferred to the conference call format. In fact in some ways it was better as I could roll out of bed and straight into a class, cup of tea in hand! Doing the practices in my own home also supported me to continue my self practice at home. I felt heard and seen and connected to Melanie and the group. My trust in energy work continues to deepen each time I experience how little physical presence matters. 

Melanie continues to be a loving, supportive, inspiring, and intuitive guide in my life.

Equus Life & Business Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, New York

When I saw that Melanie combined psychology with ancient spiritual healing practices, I was fascinated. When I follow my fascinations, things tend to work out for me. So intuitively I knew this would be the key to my next level of healing. I found Melanie when my entire life felt like it was falling apart. Melanie wisely taught me that your life falls apart so it can come back together in a way that will serve your highest good.


Melanie is compassionate and holds space for my healing, she is able to balance her gentle guidance with empowering me to be accountable to myself. Skillfully weaving together her meditative, shamanic and scientific approaches, Melanie meets my needs each time. By working with her, I have been able to connect my head, my heart and my gut, so I can stay in alignment. I work privately with Melanie on my life and my business. The more things come into alignment in my personal life the better my business is and vice versa.  I also work with Melanie as a student in her Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher & Life Empowerment Yearlong Training. My life has turned around 180 degrees since I first met Melanie. I’ve lost weight. My business has gained traction. My relationships are more authentic. I trust myself again. I no longer look outward for the solutions. Melanie has taught me to look inward for the solutions. My life gets better and better every day thanks to my commitment to self-improvement and Melanie’s healing gifts.

Speech and Language Pathologist, New York

Learning and practicing Shamanic Reiki with Melanie has been a powerful experience for me. Her nurturing, confident and clear guidance has been invaluable to my personal, mental/emotional growth and spiritual transformation. The practice of Shamanic Reiki has given me the courage to face my fears and change negative patterns that have been holding me back from expressing my true self. Melanie is a gifted teacher and healer and I am deeply grateful for her teachings and her support. I am learning to move forward with clarity, more confidence, and living fully with my purpose.

MS, Art Therapist, New York 

Shamanic Reiki came to me at a time when I truly needed it. My world was seriously shaken up and I was at a loss of where to go or what to do. Everything was going on around me, but I couldn’t connect to it. My eyes opened when I learned Shamanic Reiki and how to connect with my soul. Melanie always made herself available and gave me the time I needed. She goes above and beyond and holds a nurturing, safe space. Melanie is an amazing healer and teacher, and I am honored to be her student. While working with Melanie, I went from unhealthy habits and thoughts to aligning myself with my soul’s purpose. She continues to challenge me and there is always work to be done. Shamanic healing can be messy but shifts in my life occurred almost immediately. I see the beginnings of my transformation and continue to make progress. I now feel aligned to the faith and magic of our natural world.  

CranioSacral & Massage Therapist, New York

Over the last 18 months I have participated in a series of Meditation classes taught by Melanie Ryan. The “shamatha” eyes open method she offers is a path of self study that builds awareness of body, mind, and spirit. The observation of thought patterns was a new discovery for me, enabling me to observe and work with shifting long held unconscious mental/emotional loops, allowing me to connect more deeply with my body and spirit. Melanie is a very knowledgeable guide, and her self-discipline with her own spiritual practice inspires and creates a sacred space of exploration. I am now empowered in situations that in the past felt overwhelming. Melanie’s classes have been transformative, I now have the tools to quiet my mind and align with my truth.

Nurse, New York

I first found The Center for Health and Healing 2 years ago when I was searching for a Craniosacral therapist for my daughter who had suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury the year before. I had spent so much time caring for her that I had neglected myself in the process. After getting my daughter started on the road to recovery, it was time for me to start my own healing process. I had had Reiki performed in the past and absolutely loved it. I loved the cleansing and the renewed feeling that could only come from that loving energy, but Melanie introduced me to Shamanic Reiki something that I had never even heard of and pushed the boundaries of what I had thought true healing was.

Melanie’s wealth of knowledge, her courage, and her spiritual strength allow her to help facilitate one’s healing. Shamanic Reiki pushes the individual to the forefront of the healing experience making them an active participant rather than standing by and just waiting to feel “good”. The demonstration of knowledge, courage, and love that I experienced during my healing sessions emboldened me to begin on the path to becoming a healer with Melanie as my teacher. Monthly Shamanic Reiki circles led by Melanie provide an environment where like-minded souls can meet and heal with each other. Melanie and The Center for Health and Healing foster learning, growth, and healing for mind, body, and soul just enter the doors and you will realize that you are home. Thank you Melanie for my continued growth and healing and for teaching me about the Universe in all of its glory!

Yoga Teacher, Dancer, New York

I took several meditation classes with Melanie over a period of a year. I learned to sit with myself in meditation and really see myself from the inside out. Feeling all the feelings I buried for years and allowing myself to just sit with them and feel them. Some of that pain was extremely difficult to look at and bring to my awareness. Let’s face it denying and burying things under the rug seems easier, less scary and certainly more comfortable. During these months of learning how to meditate I was learning about Shamanism simultaneously. The journeys helped me face my dark side, emotional pain, my fears and deep rooted feelings of not being good enough. I was able to see these patterns I created as a child to protect myself that are no longer serving my highest good. Meeting my power animal, totem animals and spiritual guides have been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I received many messages and insights on the journeys - that helped me feel supported/safe when I wasn’t feeling so safe and comfortable in my meditation practice. I have been practicing meditation and Shamanism simultaneously for two years and I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life! I feel a new sense of inner peace, freedom and a new strength and confidence. I feel like I am coming home to myself and becoming the “real me” -full of love, light, peace with acceptance of the light and dark sides of myself.


I also saw Melanie privately for Shamanic Healing. Learning about Shamanism has changed my life in a profound way. Mother Earth is full of lessons for us all to learn. We are all the same. Meditation helps me to feel grounded, soft, steady, calm and full of peace. It assists me to look at myself and learn about my habitual negative thought patterns. Shamanism helps me release these negative thought patterns, forgive, accept, let-go and trust. The two practices combined have been the greatest gift to me. I am coming out of my shell and following my heart towards fulfilling my dreams and living my life each day full of pure joy and gratitude!

Electrician, New York

I didn't see much sense in carrying on in this world under the pretense I was living it through. Until I begged God to take me back, and asked Him/Her what is the point? If this is all there was, I wanted no more... Then the Magic began... I was shown how to heal myself, how to gain a different perspective, how to grieve what should be grieved and release it, how to finally Love myself, and in turn learn how to Love Life. I have received and given profound healings through Mother Earth, through Spirit Guides, have communicated with the discarnate, relayed their messages of Love with evidence of their continued existence, and felt their Love for others and for myself. Thank you Melanie, for introducing me to this Magic. Thank you for showing me a life worth living, a life of Magic and unconditional Love.


English Teacher, New York

After taking numerous healing and meditation workshops and participating in many Shamanic healing circles, all led by Melanie, I have found that she is truly a uniquely talented person. She is a gifted healer and shaman. She shares her wisdom through on-going workshops and private sessions. She combines ancient healing practices with 21st century knowledge, thus creating an environment of constant spiritual growth and healing for herself, others, and the world. If you want to expand your spiritual practice through meditation, and Shamanic healing, I highly recommend Melanie to guide and support you on your journey!

Yoga Teacher, New York

Melanie Ryan is kind, compassionate, funny and so very "real". She is ever so pragmatic in her work, and makes esoteric concepts relatable in a way that fosters understanding. I highly recommend her shamanic reiki work for those who are looking for deep healing!

Birthing Doula, New York

Melanie is a supportive, caring, gifted practitioner with an intuitive sense. Participating in her Meditation group I learned a lot about the real meaning of meditation and how to make it a part of my everyday life. Her Shamanic Reiki practice has also played a huge role in my journey. Using her intuition and guidance she has helped me tune more into my intuition and listen to my heart more often.

English Teacher, New York

I walked into Melanie’s office many years ago, 50-years-old and seeking help for a persistent fear of death I could not process. She coached me through those feelings with guided meditations, and a repertoire of emotional, physical, and spiritual exercises that led me to one of the most important realizations and transitions of my life: My old self was dying so an authentic” me” could be born. Melanie remains my therapist/life coach to this day. My earlier days of uncertainty and anxiety have morphed into the ever-blossoming, authentic, and cherished mindfulness that is my life today. Melanie’s ability to listen to what I say (and hear what I don’t), her gentle discipline, and the way she seamlessly incorporates Psychotherapy with Ancient Healing practices encourages me to be involved in my own healing.

Shamanic Healer, Florida

I learned to meditate in Melanie’s How to Meditate Series. Because I now meditate regularly, my mind quiets and slows more easily. The spiritual/energetic realm is unveiled, and that which thoughts and distractions keeps at bay opens, expands. It is here the Guides communicate, here the spiritual/energetic truths reside, here the unseen forces of the Universe are available and eager to connect, here my heart is fed, for its highest good. When I am with a client, my availability to this realm allows the healing to move through me and into my client's energy/spirit.Mostly, my level of openness, availability, willingness, intention is the level of healing I can transmit to another. I use the word mostly because at times, I feel I am being stretched to host more because of my client's needs, but, in general, to be effective, I must maintain a disciplined meditative practice to access that open, healing space when with a client.