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Jung & the Maya 

An Online Webinar

with Special Guest Kenneth Johnson, Mayan Ajq’iij & Astrologer

Monday, November 7th

7pm-9pm EDT


Registration: $39


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Throughout the world, indigenous people perceive the nature of our reality in the same way. The idea that we experience life in terms of two polarities, seemingly separate though ultimately one, is universal. 


In India it may be expressed as Purusha and Prakriti or Shiva and Shakti. In China, it is yin and yang. The ancient Toltecs and Maya understood these masculine and feminine polarities in terms of day and night, sun and moon, summer and winter. The teams who challenged each other on the immense Mesoamerican handball courts represented the two polarities.


If our lives express two polarities, they also express a fourfold reality. Among native North Americans, the Medicine Wheel has four directions, and the cross symbol of the Classic Maya also expresses these same four principles. Our Western ancestors perceived the world in terms of four elements, and these elements also appear as the four temperaments of early Western medicine.


Why do cultures so far separated and so different from each other understand the world in the same way? According to Carl Jung, this is the way the human psyche itself is structured, and we see the world around us as a larger version of who we are within. 


In Jung’s psychology, all of us, whether woman or man, contain both eros and logos – emotion and logic – and all of us are either introverts or extroverts. The psyche itself is comprised of four functions – intuition, feeling, thinking, and sensation.


Come and explore the world – both within and without us – with this special presentation.


Kenneth Johnson is a writer and scholar of comparative religions who spent years among the Maya. He is an initiated Mayan Ajq’iij and author of the books Jaguar Wisdom and Mayan Calendar Astrology.  For more information visit:

Melanie Ryan, LCSW is an archetypal psychotherapist, Buddhist & shamanic teacher and author of The Golden Shadow Method.


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