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Transmute Trauma into Light 

A Four Week Online Series with Melanie Ryan

Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm EDT 

May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Live on Zoom



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Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33

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A broken heart is at the core of suffering. Trauma is universal and it shatters the heart and soul. Within each of us are hidden and buried wounds that are at the root of our chronic health issues, negative patterns, relationship problems, addictions, and overall dissatisfaction of life. 


The origin of the word “healing” comes from the German word heilen which means return to wholeness. When trauma shatters your heart and soul, it manifests as illness, fear, depression, an inability to be present or feel joy. You become stuck in destructive patterns and disconnected from your inherent power and creativity. 


Melanie Ryan, LCSW, depth psychotherapist, author and founder of The Golden Shadow Method, will guide you through her process of transmuting your trauma into light. 


  • Learn how to identify and heal hidden core wounds that are sabotaging your health and happiness.

  • Learn meditations to integrate and restore wholeness.

  • Experience rapid transformation. 

  • Feel a deep sense of inner peace. 

  • Triggers are reduced and/or eliminated.

  • Restore health, levels of energy, and a feeling of joy and creativity. 


Melanie Ryan addresses issues such as addictions, relationships, and childhood wounds. Learn how to identify and heal your core hidden wounds and experience rapid transformation. 


"I stepped into Melanie’s office after years of talk therapy. I was tired, overweight, feeling stuck, and chronically sick. I was looking for something different and Melanie introduced me to the process of transmutation by working with the spirit of the wounded self. I became aware of many wounded versions of myself who were holding feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and fear. I learned how to love and integrate these lost and wounded parts of my soul. As a result, I have lost 114 pounds, been promoted at my job, and become happy, creative, playful, grounded and clear. I used to be triggered all the time and now I am not. Now I feel free to manifest my dreams. I am so grateful for Melanie and her transformational process!" 


Mary-Kay Kallergis, Educator & Psychotherapist 

"Working with Melanie’s Golden Shadow Method and Transmuting Triggers protocol has given me access to multi-dimensional layers of my soul that I once feared were gone forever. I have suffered with symptoms of C-PTSD, severe depression and anxiety since I was a child due to repeated personal trauma, but since I began working with Melanie and the spirits of my wounded Self, healing and integrating those lost soul parts, my entire world has shifted from dark and gray to a brilliant spectrum of colorful light. Not only have I been able to welcome home those versions of myself from this lifetime, but from previous lives as well, which has allowed me to unlock creative gifts and talents that have been asleep for what feels like ages. Healing no longer feels burdensome and hopeless to me, rather it has become both a powerful liberation and joyful celebration. I am eternally grateful for Melanie and her expertise as this work has enlivened my spirit in ways I can’t explain, ways that I once believed could only be experienced by others. I finally feel like I’m becoming whole again!"


Dena M. Daigle, Spiritual Alchemist


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