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This has been called the “mother of all Quests” because every Quest, and every application of the Quest, can be found embedded within the movements of this “Mother Quest”. Here we find Vision and purpose, revelation and understanding, purification and inspiration, and healing at every level of our life.

The Vision Quest opens up the realms of purity where the Quester’s heart relaxes, opens, and is able to listen for guidance, inspiration, and self-reflection that is so crucial to the spiritual journey. 

In the traditional 4-day Vision Quest, designed by Grandfather Stalking Wolf, there is plenty of time to dive into the mind, body and heart to explore the vast mysteries of life. 

We come back to our roots and become one with wild nature, and open to the realms of spiritual guidance and the Creator. Grandfather Stalking Wolf felt that the Vision Quest was the most important practice you could do, and said it should be done many times throughout life. Each Quest reveals its own seeds that will blossom, helping you gain the clarity you need to reach your truth and potential. 

You will be amazed at the power and depth of insight available to you in a Quest, whether you are new to the spiritual path or a veteran of many years. 

The power of the 4-day Vision Quest journey far exceeds any regular daily practice. If you feel the call to Vision Quest, please email me at

Melanie offers Vision Quests with various lengths depending on age and experience. The 4 day Quest is traditional, but shorter Quests have also been offered for teens and families.


Please email if you would like a Quest tailored to your needs.

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