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Private Sessions

Melanie Ryan has been in private practice for over 20 years, helping others on the spiritual path awaken their potential. Melanie’s own healing journey began when a severe illness nearly disabled her. In the depths of darkness, she had a spiritual awakening and discovered the hidden wisdom and gifts that were within. Melanie then developed the golden shadow method to share with others. It involves using psychology, Buddhist philosophy, Shamanism and naturopathy. Sessions with Melanie are experiential, using active imagination, shamanic journeys, meditations and somatic work. We use the right side of the brain that is connected to imagination, intuition, and creativity to unlock the powers of the golden shadow. There is talking and processing in private sessions, but the idea is to have an encounter with your unconscious and to integrate these hidden aspects of yourself for healing and integration. 


Melanie lives in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. She works on zoom with clients worldwide. To schedule a session or book a private course, please email



$200 for 60 minutes

$275 for 90 minutes


Payment Options

Zelle: 914.260.1696 (Ancient Wisdom Today)

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33


Paypal and Credit Card is available for online courses

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