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Shadow work teaches us to be truthful, gentle and fearless. We never stop discovering the love, wisdom and confidence that comes from within.

Melanie Ryan



The Golden Shadow Method online course is for homeschooled teens who have an interest in psychology, spirituality, philosophy, art, nature and a curiosity for discovering their full potential. 


Melanie Ryan, LCSW is an international speaker, holistic psychotherapist and ancestral wisdom teacher. She has worked with teens since 1990 and specializes in empowering them to learn how to reach their full potential. As a homeschool mother and professional, Melanie understands the challenges teens face today and provides them a space to explore who they are in a safe and sacred container. 


Teens need a place to develop their emotional and intuitive intelligence. We are by nature very powerful, creative beings and the adolescent years are a vital time to build healthy self worth and self concept. With the right kind of environment, teens naturally want to explore their inner selves, have philosophical debates and existential epiphanies. In the Golden Shadow Method, we are all about that! We love to have deep meaningful conversations that are juicy and insightful. Melanie is a guide for teens to gain clarity about the truth of who they are and their life purpose. She teaches them the skills to develop mental and emotional strength so they are happy and confident, able to their inherent gifts with the world.

Required course reading: Melanie Ryan's award winning book, The Golden Shadow Method found on Amazon.



The Golden Shadow Method is a path of awakening your full human potential. This course is taught to adults internationally, however Melanie has developed this one specifically for homeschooled teens. As a year long course, each pillar builds on the one before it, deepening into the psychology and spirituality of the conscious mind and taking teens on a profound quest of self discovery.

The Shadow is the unconscious, and what lies beneath the surface of our conscious mind is an ocean of dharma. As the year progresses we dive deeper into our understanding of what the Self really is and who we are as humans. Your teen will cultivate emotional insight, self-awareness and intuition for their life's journey. This course is a psycho-educational therapeutic, and experiential. If your teen loves art, nature, and deep philosophical conversations, then they will be very happy with this course!


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Psychology & Spirituality

Thursdays, 1:30-2:30pm on Zoom

Meets for 10 weeks 

September 15th thru November 17th 

Registration: $330 

Classes are limited to 10 learners


Analytical Psychology was founded by the famous Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. In 1913, Jung left working by the side of Sigmund Freud founder of the psychoanalytic movement, and developed his own psychological science and school of psychology called analytical psychology. This is the study of the unconscious by way of doing what is called “Shadow Work.” The term Shadow is what Jung refers to as the unconscious, anything we are blind to, anything we cannot see about ourselves, which is repressed, denied and forgotten. These hidden aspects of ourselves can be both negative and positive. Jung taught that it was vital for our health and wellbeing to “see ourselves” in totality and be mindful and accepting of the whole self, learning how to transmute the negative into positive and embrace our inherent gifts, wisdom and powers.


Carl Jung was well known for bridging psychology and spirituality. In this Jungian inspired course, you will work very closely with Melanie Ryan  as she guides you into the mystery of your Shadow to unlock its secrets.




Psychology & Eastern Philosophy

(Pre-requisite - Jung & the Shadow) 

Thursdays, 1:30-2:30pm on Zoom

Meets for 10 weeks 

December 1st through February 16th 

(No class on 12/22 & 12/29) 

Registration: $330 

Classes are limited to 10 learners


In Pillar Two - Buddha & the Shadow, teens will learn the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation. These teachings are an introduction to Buddhist philosophy and meditation as a way of working with the mind and the causes of suffering. Meditation practice is done throughout the course as a way of helping us wake up to the present moment as opposed to living in the fantasies and stories that create suffering. Teens will learn how to train their minds to cultivate a mentally stable, strong, and clear mind. Through experiential practices, we will be studying thoughts patterns and that create obstacles to living authentically and peacefully.  This course covers both Buddhist psychology and philosophy; and how we can work with our minds to free ourselves from confusion and unnecessary suffering.


  • Learn how to meditate and establish a regular home practice

  • Learn how you can free yourself of unconscious projections and habitual thought patterns that keep you stuck and create confusion and suffering

  • Work with your thoughts, emotions and sense perceptions as sparks of awakening

  • Meet your shadow in a direct, conscious state to discover buried parts of yourself

  • Awaken to your golden shadow gifts of inherent wisdom, intuition and creativity that come from meditation practice

  • Cultivate gentleness, kindness, compassion, and an open heart toward yourself and others

  • Work with fear, shame and judgement to transmute them into love and compassion 

  • Gain mental strength, clarity, insight, and confidence




Psychology, Energy Medicine, Anthropology, Quantum Science

(Pre-requisite - Jung & the Shadow) 

Thursdays, 1:30-2:30pm on Zoom

Meets for 10 weeks 

March 9th through May 25th

(No classes on 4/6 & 4/13)

Registration: $330 

Classes are limited to 10 learners


Shamanism is the oldest healing practice known to the Earth. Shamans are the original psychotherapists, doctors, and philosophers. They have studied the nature of reality, the cosmos and consciousness for the longest period of time. They are greatly connected to the Earth and see all of life as sacred. 

Across the world, Shaman is a term used for a healer, one who “sees”. A shaman walks with one foot in the visible world and one foot in the invisible world, able to use the powers of intuition and healing to benefit mankind and the Mother Earth. Melanie has studied with Shamans from various cultures such as Native American, Mayan, Peruvian, and Celtic. All cultures have Shamans; they are the medicine men and women who heal using nature. They work holistically, with the mind, body, heart and soul. Shamans can often heal people who have not been able to heal in any other way. In this course, Melanie will share this ancestral form of healing that is based on quantum science. Teens will learn the ancient tool of shamanic journeying to access the Shadow parts of themselves. They will learn to work with their emotions as energy, and how to transmute lower vibrations into high vibrations.  They will retrieve their ancestral guides, power animal and totem animals, which are protectors and teachers that came in at birth. 

Many of our powers and gifts are locked away in the Shadow unconscious. In this course, we will be unlocking those gifts and discovering the ancestral power of how we can heal ourselves.

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