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Triggers are energetic activations of deep, unhealed wounds to the Soul. The Transmuting Triggers method created by Melanie Ryan is used for healing complex trauma. 




mindfulness meditation 

active imagination

indigenous wisdom 

creative expression


Trauma is a wound to the Soul that creates a disconnection within ourselves. A wound so traumatic creates Soul fragmentation and/or a Soul loss. Healing means we mend the Soul, we integrate the Soul, and return to authentic wholeness.


Soul integration or Soul retrieval is an ancient practice that has been done for millennia among warrior tribes. In shamanic cultures, a holy person conducted a Soul retrieval for the wounded person. However, Melanie Ryan empowers you to learn how to heal yourself. 


Triggers are one symptom of Soul loss. 

Other symptoms including depression, anxiety, insomnia,

addiction, nightmares, negative patterns, pain, loss of interest in activities,

inability to focus or be present, chronic illness, and hopelessness.


Triggers are messengers of the unconscious. They have a very profound story to tell and you need to learn how to be a good listener. Triggers are teachers. They require that you slow down and become more reflective so you can hear their wisdom. Triggers tell us that we have work to do on ourselves. Inner work is needed and there are things from your past that need your attention. Making a commitment to working on your triggers is key to your success. 


Triggers are a map for healing and becoming whole again.

Become an alchemist and transmute your wounds and pain into wisdom,

personal growth, and spiritual awakening. 


The Transmuting Triggers practice is designed for you to have an encounter with the unconscious. Melanie Ryan teaches you the skills and practice so you can then work independently and make progress on your own. You work with Melanie as much or as little as you feel you need. Trauma, suffering, and loss are impacting us collectively. This is a time of rapid change. Trauma carries within it a surprising awakening of consciousness and potential if we find the meaning and purpose of our experiences. The GSM teaches the alchemical process of transmuting your pain into power and your wounds into wisdom. 


No matter how complex your trauma may be, you can heal and

discover a new Self that is healthy, creative, and playful.


Becoming Whole

“The process of becoming whole is what Dr. Carl Jung, MD called individuation. It is the search and integration of all the parts of the Self. Suffering and struggles become meaningful parts of our lives when understood, and life’s hardships can initiate us into a more profound sense of being. Individuation was the centerpiece of Jung’s legacy, a path that shows us how self-knowledge not only helps us navigate the most difficult encounters with ourselves and life but also becomes the creative force behind expanding our psychic structure and attaining a fulfilled life.”

Bud Harris, Ph.D. author of Becoming Whole, A Jungian Guide to Individuation



Melanie‘s work has truly transformed my life. Her expertise and guidance facilitated my growth and evolution, gave me a roadmap to offer myself compassion, and cultivated me to be a more present and attuned therapist to my clients. Melanie’s vast knowledge on the dark shadow and golden shadow is inspiring and incredibly informative and relatable. I have referred many others to her because of how helpful and valuable her guidance has directly been for me. I feel extremely fortunate to have connected with her. My life will never be the same. I’m feeling more empowered, hopeful and fulfilled which is a direct result of my work with Melanie. She’s truly a blessing and a conduit for personal growth and development. 


Michelle Maidenberg, Ph.D., MPH, LCSW-R, CGP 

Award Winning Author of “Ace Your Life”: Unleash Your Best Self & Live the Life You Want 

When a person experiences trauma, it is “soul crushing”. They often disconnect from their body and the accompanying feelings get frozen inside. Melanie is a Master at facilitating integration of these missing parts of the wounded soul that are split off during trauma so one can feel whole and vibrant. Her trigger work and Golden Shadow work are gentle and healing of disintegrated trauma in an unequaled way. As her student and as a psychotherapist myself, I can attest to the fact that her work is transformative and gentle and reaches the inner world in a way that other kinds of talk therapy and trauma therapy cannot. I highly recommend that all therapists learn from her work. Your patients will heal more quickly and less painfully than imaginable. This work is moving, healing, meaningful and enlightening to everyone who experiences it. 

Sheri Perlman, OT, LCSW

Neuro-psychoanalytical Informed Trauma Therapist

I regard the Soul and the Self as one, as the wise "core" or "source" within. I was in my own process of integrating Soul/Self into my psychotherapy practice for some years when I found my way to Melanie's writing and course offerings. Her approach has served to deepen my own personal and professional developmental. The Golden Shadow Methods are simple, actionable, gentle and yet potent, particularly for individuals struggling with a sense of meaning, purpose and disconnection. These practices are intuitive and offer a sensitive, imaginative, and respectful way to connect with many aspects of the Soul/Self. Melanie is a skillful guide and teacher who is passionate about helping others on their healing paths. Her courses offer a safe container to practice unlocking the “doors” to the psyche for inquiry, contemplation and for learning what is necessary for continued growth, integration, and self-realization. The Golden Shadow concept offers insights and approaches that are transformative and hope inspiring. It inspires courage and the will to explore the landscapes of our “shadow” parts, sifting through and finding the gifts that live there...the golden nuggets...the Golden Shadow. Melanie’s work is invaluable in teaching therapists to do their own inner work as well as to guide others to their essence.

Andie Iatrou, LCSW-R,

Trauma-Certified Psychotherapist, C-PTSD specialist, IFS-informed

I have been studying with Melanie for several years and her work transforms lives. After years of traditional talk therapy, I was seeking something deeper. Melanie’s transmuting triggers practice did that for me, taking me into the depths of my soul. I have gone through a death and rebirth, and Melanie has been there the entire time, providing a supportive, nurturing container as I embraced the powers of my inner healer. Using the golden shadow method and transmuting triggers practices of meditation, active imagination, and shamanic journeying, I have been able to become my true self. The wounds I used to carry and the triggers I experienced regularly, are now gone. I am more present, happier and healthier. I now share these teachings in my own private practice and see the transformation happening for others. This method brings profound healing and compassion to our world. Everyone needs to learn it! 

Mary-Kay Kallergis, MA, LMSW

Educator & Psychotherapist


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