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Past Life Soul Journey

4 Week Course on Zoom

with Melanie Ryan

Sold out!

4 Thursdays, 7pm-9pm ET

10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17

Registration: $195

Payment options:

Venmo: @Melanie-Ryan-33


PayPal/Credit Card: Use button below

This course was offered in August and it blew us away. So here it is again. 

You are invited to join me in this four week course for a journey into the Shadow realms, for a deep healing experience of your past lives and what they can teach you and heal within you.

The famous Swiss doctor and analyst Carl Gustav Jung taught the concept of the Shadow, the part of us that we cannot see about ourselves hidden deep within the psyche. Shadow work is a psycho-spiritual path of becoming whole, discovering the true Self and awakening consciousness.

Past life soul journeying allows us to understand the story of our soul. We have had many lives; we have been a man, a Past life soul journeying allows us to understand the story of our soul. We have had many lives; we have been a man, a woman, a hero, a villain, a mother, a child, a queen, a pauper, a healer and an abuser. We have played many roles. Our past lives carry their unique story, but as we examine them, we are able to see that there are patterns and themes that our soul carries across lifetimes. As a soul, we can get stuck in repeating patterns because we have yet to awaken what they are trying to teach us.  

In this course, you will go deeper into the Shadow to remove the obstacles between you and your full potential. Together we will journey to past lives to become more self-aware and soul-aware. This awareness provides you the opportunity to integrate your soul, purify bad karma, and awaken your inherent gifts.

I hope you will join me. There is 1 spot left for this course.


If you miss a class, a recording will be sent to you.

Melanie Ryan, LCSW is the author and founder of The Golden Shadow Method, A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential. She is a holistic psychotherapist, international speaker, homeschool mother, writer, artist, and spiritual guide. As an initiated Buddhist & Shamanic teacher, her method brings wisdom and healing from worldwide ancestral knowledge.


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