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This is a self-actualizing, life empowerment method where Melanie provides a safe and loving way for us to travel into our own shadow. She makes it so natural for us all to have hidden parts - both positive and negative. It is full of exercises and techniques that quickly helped me gain more insight and wisdom. I feel energized and inspired with clarity and vision for what I’d like to manifest. Thank you Melanie!!!!

Catherine Fraise


Melanie’s Golden Shadow Method offers a deep dive into the treasures we have hidden away in our Shadow...those positive and negative qualities which we deem too powerful or too dark to reveal to the world- and even to ourselves! Her 3-pillared Method showed me how to access these places and how to explore them safely. Melanie has created a way in and a way out - and I am still going in... and exiting with treasures I had locked away in my unconscious so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. This Method showed me how to navigate that discomfort with hope and a warrior's spirit! I am deeply grateful to Melanie Ryan for sharing this Method. 


Colleen Harris

Melanie Ryan has developed an amazing shadow work method. It is about how to reach your full potential in life, heal your deepest fears, and discover a deeper level of happiness and joy that is available to us all. She helped me get unstuck, leading me on a magical journey through the world of meditation, shamanism and discovering my own inner wisdom. I highly recommend this method to everyone, she changed my life in the most amazing ways and she can change yours too!!!


Saylor Pace

I would highly recommend this if you are feeling stuck in your life, repeating the same relationship with different people, have a need for purpose and understanding, and want to realize who and what you really are. 


Edward Darby

The Golden Shadow Method is a multi-faceted approach to the discovery and re-discovery of one's hidden and forgotten treasures and abilities. It's messy and exciting work and the thing I like best about Melanie's approach is she gifts you with the ability to examine the dark shadow without shame or blame, discovering long-buried talents in the process! I am currently enrolled in the Jung & the Shadow three month online immersion program with Melanie. It is powerful to have her guidance and mentor calls as we apply her techniques individually and as a group.

Michelle Pacher

Retired High School Principal

Melanie's program Jung & the Shadow continues to allow me to open "doors" to myself I didn't know existed long after its completion!

Karen Carroll

Physical Therapist

In the midst of great change and chaos on our planet, Melanie provides an anchor to the turbulent waters above our heads. She confidently leads you to find your own truths using modern and ancient techniques that strengthen authenticity with oneself.

Tiffany Walker

Massage Therapist & Permaculture Educator 

I have come to understand my Dark Shadow as a source of wisdom and compassion that lead me to embrace all my gifts and love in my Golden Shadow. Jung & the Shadow helped me to peel away the confusion and create a beautiful, peaceful life. It changes the way you see yourself and the world!


Joan Biggs



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