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  • Melanie Ryan, LCSW

The Golden Shadow

Every person is born with inherent gifts that are meant to be shared with humanity. The Golden Shadow Method helps us to discover our forgotten gifts and how to fearlessly share them with the world.

The Shadow concept was created by the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung, MD describing all that is hidden. The Shadow is the archetype of what is unseen, hidden and forgotten in the psyche. Most of us have disowned and repressed beautiful parts of ourselves into the unconscious. The Shadow is a vast ocean of energy where hidden treasures are just waiting to be found.

Many of us have buried our treasures for a long time, maybe decades. These treasures are our bright golden light. We may be dimming our light out of fear; fear of judgement or rejection, fear of being different, too weird, too energetic or eccentric. Over our lifetime we have been conditioned to disown our light and conform in order to fit it, be accepted and loved by others.

Dimming our light holds back the natural evolution of humanity. People who are different are the ones who make a difference.

The Universe invites us to shine our light bright, not to conform or seek the approval of others, but to be our true selves and honor the divine gifts we have been given.

Shining our light means we fully embrace the truth of who we are. The Golden Shadow holds powerful divine energy that flows through our bodies, minds and voices to take form on the Earth.

Explore your Golden Shadow - it holds your super powers. The Buddha called it your Buddha Nature, the Shamans call it your Divine Power, and Carl Jung called it your True Self. When we allow our light to shine, our body and soul’s purpose align with one another, making everything fall into place - our health and our happiness.

In a Universe where everything is always vibrating and changing, we can allow change to occur in our lives. We can choose to unleash our creativity, our beauty, and our true potential. We can choose to fearlessly unleash our golden light and share it with the world.




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